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We engage active prospects based on tested, proven ROI conversion markers, persuasive and compelling visuals + content, leading to a sell,  real inquiries and appointments.

For over a decade, we’ve taken a handcrafted approach to create exceptional digital campaigns powering custom, digital catalogs, online brochures and brand magazines built on proven best practices.

We’re passionate about it, write articles about it, speak at conferences about it, teach others about it … we love how customers interact with this magical marketing medium that is both a brand handshake and a conversion driver. So, Yes – We are your world class catalog design agency.

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We use a people first approach to building brands. We call it humanity marketing. It’s the art of making brands more visual, clear, storyful & human.
We dont believe we’re selling to a target audience, a demographic or even names on a mailing list. What we do is connect with real people in real ways.

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Penelope Martinez, Data Engineer & Enthusiast

Your Predictable, Profitable and Growing Organization.

Our mission

Our mission is to help Small and Medium Local Businesses find new clients and accelerate their growth.

DFY Catalog helps local businesses in their territory from our proprietary database of 320 million, accurate and up to date transactional, U.S. client profiles. Get real time client journey data before any competition, impact your ROI.

DFY Catalog sources and analyzes from the most trusted first and second party data vendors – verified and enriched daily with our brilliant team and fine-tuned AI – Machine Learning algorithms for your local market.

We help you deploy and engage verified prospects and personalize who to send campaigns to and when to follow up, across all new media, based on their current consumer intent. We never use demographic targeting where all ROI is lost!

When someone positively replies, we pass them to proven and managed re-qualifying funnels leading to your internal sales reps and legal team, allowing them to focus 100% of their time on appointments and closing.

Local, Proven Campaigns


Consistent Client Acquisition


100% People-Based Marketing


Guesswork & Demographic Targeting


“Injecting data into closed-loop measurement not only precipitates higher performing marketing campaigns, but actually informs the continued performance of those campaigns as well. And higher performing marketing campaigns tend to equal optimized KPIs — whether that is sales, sign-ups, click-throughs or bookings and appointments.”

Sara Colston, Marketing Manager – Manager, Client Acquisition Campaigns

About us (Born & in Texas)


The DFY Catalog company is comprised of a team of seasoned client acquisition professionals, all with many years of experience working with high growth local businesses develop strategy, create processes, deploy people and client pipelines, leverage technology and measure results with data. Attribution is the sauce!

All About Results

Done For You. Done Well.

DFY Catalog is an end-to-end digital consulting and solutions provider, focused on helping local organizations, firms and high growth businesses WIN in the second digital age. On your behalf, we enhance performance with measurable results and reduced costs - GUARANTEED.

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